Arrow Murryhill 12x24 Metal Shed / Pre-Fab Garage Kit

The Arrow Murryhill 12 x 24 Metal Shed / Pre-Fab Garage Kit, is a bestseller. This metal storage buildings adds functional storage space and classic good looks to your property.

This prefab building is thoughtfully designed to hold virtually anything you want to store.It features high walls topped with a high-gable roof for ample headroom and to ensure tall items and vertical storage shelves are never a problem. It's an ideal storage solution for boats, cars, lawn equipment or other tall and bulky items.

It also features an extra wide front roll-up door and side-entry door. 

Arrow Murryhil 12x24 Shed Garage Kit

Its detached design also means you can work in the garage at any time day or night without disturbing family members inside your home with noises, odors, or fumes.

The Murryhill Garage is made from strong galvanized steel. This construction delivers reliable durability and strength and is backed up by a 12 Year Limited Warranty.

The garage also features reinforced steel trusses in the roof for added strength and structural resilience. All of these well-designed features ensure the garage will maintain its beauty and integrity for years to come. This garage also includes a 12-year limited warranty so you can be sure of the building's quality and enjoy added peace of mind.

This Murryhill Garage kit comes ready to assemble so you put it together. It's DIY project that would take around a weekend's work. Each piece is pre-cut and pre-drilled so you just need some basic tools and a helping hand to get it assembled. For the sturdiest assembly, it is recommended that you secure the structure to a concrete pad.